Restaurant Alessio is not only good food and excellent wine: on our menu we also present the fine malts from Labi Beer, artisan beer company of Veneto.

La Biancadi LaBi (Veneto)

“Blanche” – 4,5% vol. 75 cl – Birra chiara

Top-fermented beer, clear and opalescent colour, white, compact and persistent head. Orange peel, coriander and cardamom aroma. Refreshing, slightly acidic taste, given by the wheat.

La Biondadi LaBi (Veneto)

“German ale” – 4,8% vol. 75 cl – Birra chiara

Golden yellow color, with a white foam, very pleasant and extremely easy drinking, quenching beer, classic and traditional.

La Ambratadi LaBi (Veneto)

“IPA” – 6,3% vol. 75 cl – Birra ambrata

Top-fermented beer, yellow-amber colour with tones of orange and white, with a creamy head. Fresh taste given by tropical fruit, mango and grapefruit aroma. Full-bodied and decisively bitter, thanks to the strong dry hopping.

La Rossadi LaBi (Veneto)

“Belgian Ale” – 6,5% vol. 75 cl – Birra rossa

Intense mahogany color and with a compact foam. Notes of ripe red fruit, caramel and dried fruit, soft and round, with a slight bitter note.

La Neradi LaBi (Veneto)

“Imperial stout” – 7,0% vol. 75 cl – Birra scura

Color butter, dark, dense, creamy and persistent, toasted notes and aromas of cocoa and coffee, body, softness, sweet sensations, liquorice and a memory of burnt sugar.

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