Our “Craft Beers”

Our “Craft Beers”


by Arnaldo Caprai (Umbria)
“IPA” (India Pale Ale) – 6,3%vol. 75 cl
Amber ale
Produced with 100% barley malt, with a fresh taste,
pleasantly bitter, herbaceous aftertaste,
selected hops, compact and creamy foam.



by LaBi (Veneto)
“BELGIAN ALE” – 6,5%vol. 75 cl – Red beer
Top-fermented beer, intense red colour, compact with a creamy head.
Intense toffee, caramel and ripe red fruit aroma.
Sweet and balanced flavour.



by LaBi (Veneto)
“BIÈRE BLANCHE” – 4,5%vol. 75 cl
Top-fermented beer, clear and opalescent colour, white,
compact and persistent head.
Orange peel, coriander and cardamom aroma.
Refreshing, slightly acidic taste, given by the wheat.



by Labi (Veneto)
“IMPERIAL STOUT” – 7,0% vol. 75cl
Top-fermented beer, dark brown colour, creamy with a persistent head.
Dominant liquorice and coffee aroma; decisively bitter, balanced and resinous.
Sweet and balanced flavour.




by Labi (Veneto)
“GERMAN ALE” – 4,8% vol. 75cl
Top-fermented beer, golden yellow colour, white, fine and persistent head.
Cereal and grassy aroma, given by the hop. Fresh taste, delicately
bitter and pleasant; not very full-bodied, with a medium sweet finish.